About the Principal

                                                                      Ms. Pia
Ms. Pia Garbutt will be leading the High going forward, here's some information about her and her vision for Camden High this year:

I have been Lead Educator of CHS for three years at The High. The year before, I was Department Chair for English AND Special Education at Woodrow Wilson HS and I've taught 6th grade ELA at Bonsal School in Camden previously. I also taught at Trenton High (Where I was a literacy leader in the district) and Philly ​(highest gains in my subject area-ELA- in my school consistently)

My education background includes a:
Bachelors of Fine Arts from Rutgers University

Masters in Art Education from Boston University
Masters in Secondary English and Special Education from Chestnut Hill College

And I am currently a Doctoral Candidate Ed.D. in Education Administration and Social Justice from Rowan University

I am certified in Art, English, Special Education and Ed Admin

What I'd like to showcase regarding Camden High School:

* ​For three years in a row, our students have grown exponentially on all of our Interims and last year we had the highest Interim ELA growth. Attached are the numbers🏆

* CHS won best #1 overall science out of all the high schools for the second year in a row in the annual CCSD STEAM fair.​🏆

* CHS represented in the regional JAG Competition Winning #1 for the second time in row this time for the Best Oratory. Also we placed #3 as well this year.🏆

* This year we are asking for donations for our Seniors to go to Disney World for their senior trip✈️🛫

* Our sports program is one of the best in all of South Jersey!🏀🏈⚾️🥎

For this year I would like to spotlight:

* Electives: ​JROTC, Cosmetology, CISCO Computer Networking, JAG, Business Entrepreneurship, Fine Arts, Modern Music

* Our College and Career Readiness Center: Our team works hard to give our students (especially our seniors) the BEST possible post-graduation options. We will raise the bar on what our students need to succeed to graduate and to ensure a sustainable placement AFTER graduation, in order for them to have productive lives after they leave our institution! This will include weekly workshops and one-on-one conferences with our students

* Also, we are doing a new Writing Initiative, where students will be exposed to rigorous writing lessons in every class, using an "Interdisciplinary" approach utilizing every content.

* We are systematizing a mentor program for freshman students with a partnership with our teachers and a non-profit in order to set them up for success utilizing a pro-active restorative practice approach with some of our students who need the extra "push"

* Although we are growing, this year we are pushing even further for our students to achieve higher numbers in ELA and Math proficiency in all areas with a high achieving robust curriculum in all content areas which keeps the bar high for all of our students.

These are some of the things that The High offers to our Wonderful Parkside Community!

Please share with the rest of your Camden network to get the real truth about the greatness that is Camden High School and our students!