School Profile

1700 Park Boulevard
Camden, New Jersey 08103
Telephone (856) 966-5100
Principal: Mr. James O. Thompson
School Profile:
Our theme “ Change Begins with Me” is indicative of what’s happening at Camden High School.
Year three of our SIG (School Improvement Grant) is yielding positive results for our students. The SIG required that the school day be extended. At first it was challenging for students and staff but in time all made the adjustment and more time on instruction is always a plus. We also acquired smart boards for every classroom, IPad’s for every teacher, smart responders and extensive professional development to improve the quality of instruction.
Change is happening with our campus. Unsightly scaffolding has been removed and major improvements are underway. Foodservice is providing healthy and appealing choices for breakfast, lunch and afterschool programs. Our students are able to participate in JAG (Jobs for America Graduates), JROTC and several CTE opportunities.
Additional specialized supportive positions have been provided. We have a data, climate and school culture, math and literacy leader assigned to our building full time. They have the responsibility to assist with resources for students, teachers and parents. This will make a tremendous difference in our day to day operations.
Extra-curricular activities abound at Camden High School. Our students compete in football, basketball, wrestling, baseball, softball, tennis and soon plan to add golf and bowling. We have band, choir, CTE clubs, school newspaper and yearbook.
Camden High has a great legacy. Doctors, lawyers and several professional athletes have graced our hallways. Legends and great leaders are still being made. Our academic rankings are on a steady incline. Last year we moved up 35 spaces on the NJ high report. This year we received a grade C – which indicated our above average growth.
As we enter this school year our expectations continue to rise. We know our students and staff are ready to meet the challenge and move to the next level. Feel free to come and visit us at the “Castle on the Hill”.