The guidance and counseling program at the high school level provides individual, group and classroom activities for all students. In addition, the counselor coordinates testing, child study teams, agency referrals, student records and acts as a liaison between the school and the community. The program focuses on, but is not limited to, the following three comprehensive areas: self knowledge, educational and occupational exploration and career awareness. The focus of this program is to assist the student in realizing his/her full potential.

Guidance counselors help students plan programs so that their individual career objectives may be attained. For students planning to go to college, certain sequences will be suggested; for those planning to go into business, another series of courses will be suggested. The same thing is true for those students in a vocational program. Our guidance program offers many services for assisting the student in adjusting to the school's organization, plan of studies and program of activities. A guidance counselor is assigned to each student and a conference will be scheduled to select subjects for the coming year. Any problems which arise whould be discussed with the guidance counselor